The popular app marketing strategies

The popular app marketing strategies

Introduction to app marketing strategy

It is true that mobiles have becomes a very important part of our lives and app marketing strategy plays a major role in their promotion. These days it is very commonly seen that mobiles are getting more and more advanced.  These days the market is very demanding and you just can’t own an app simply because you want to own it.  In the past few years many companies created their app and later on promoted it with the help of various marketing channels. However the trend of mobile has seen a drastic change due to which this approach of promoting the mobile app with the help of channels does not work anymore. Here we will talk about some of the top app marketing strategies which are highly effective.

  • Focus on KPI s specific to the market of app

As far as marketing a mobile app is concerned you goals should be clear, realistic and you should be able to measure them.  You need to divert your attention to the KPIs which are specific to marketing of app. These include many factors like loyal user acquisition, cost involved in every download, app store rankings and optimisation of app store.

You can get a team that can pay attention on the benefit as well as importance of the KPIs in your marketing plan.

  • Partner you app marketing team with an expert of mobile marketing

Your marketing department may have knowledge and expertise but when it comes mobile marketing things become different as it is a totally different field.  This new field requires a different type of expertise as well as technology.  There are certain challenges which mobile faces such as app usage analytics, enhancing your marketing efforts  to get optimal ranks and more.

  • Do not market your app just with billboards

Although your brand name may be very popular but advertising your app with the help of traditional methods like website banner, email newsletter and signage would not going to help it.

This process is too complex as the consumer has to see your advertisement for the app and then get his phone and look for it. Ideally this should not take much time and you should be able to get it with just a tap of a finger. The basic idea is to put the advertisement where your mobile users are already present. You can say that you are one mobile fighting with the other.

This is how app marketing strategy works in the promotion of your mobile applications.