The best 360 video cameras at a glance and their increasing popularity

The 360 degree technology and the world of videos and images

The introduction of 360 degree technology for video has taken the world by storm. As a result very soon we will get to hear that YouTube will have huge number of such videos. The 360 videos have given a new dimension to video technology and majority of the people found this invention a good thing. Now the people use these videos the medium to express themselves. In these 360 videos you can shoot videos while concentrating on all the angles in all the directions. Now you should know to manage a couple of different cameras on different directions but at the same time. The best 360 video camera has many fabulous features.


Some of the features of the best 360 video cameras

One of the best 360 video cameras can perform live streaming for about 25 minutes. This 360 video camera comes with lithium ion battery which gives it a long duration as far the recording is concerned. This model of 360 video cameras is compatible with all known video formats. This amazing 360 video camera can store 26 photos at one point of time..

  • There is another model of 360 video cameras and this camera has a very sleek design which helps to capture the entire spherical range videos and images. This model of 360 video cameras is highly advanced. You can capture, share and view videos by using mobile app and hardware. You can also upload the videos to other sites. This model of 360 video cameras comes with a fantastic stitching tool and has high storage. The design of this camera is attractive and it is light in weight.


  • There is another model of 360 video cameras sand this camera can produce very high quality video with great resolution. This camera also contains 8 microphones and 8 sensors making it one of the most advanced video cameras in the world. The sensors of this video camera are synchronized. In addition this video camera can capture videos at 360×180 degrees to make it more special. The battery of this model of 360 video cameras is highly efficient.
  • There is yet one another 360 video camera and this one is the best for professionals. The best thing about this 360 video camera is that in order to capture recording of the entire room you are not required to add any editing software as could easily be connected to the ceiling.



Thus we see that the basic as well as the advanced models of 360 video cameras are highly efficient in capturing the best videos. You can use these 360 video cameras in order to have a great experience.