Learn a little bit about Burnaby

Learn a little bit about Burnaby


  1. Location of the city

Burnaby BC is a city in British Columbia, in Canada, located in the east of Vancouver. It is considered as third largest city in British Columbia, besides Vancouver and Surrey. It is a sustainable, livable and thriving city that has been forwarding its activities in order to improve the economy, sustainability, the environment and the social life among people. The city is the center and the seat of the government’s Greater Vancouver Regional District. The city is connected with neighboring cities with major highways; it is also accessible by a network of busses that go to the city and also via the trains. It has two cycling routes that are the major ones in the city and in a short distance there is an airport near the city.

  1. Name of the city

The people from the city chose the name for it by its legislator and speaker, an explorer and Freemason, Robert Burnaby. Robert was a private secretary to Colonel Richard Moody, who was the first commissioner of the Colony of British Columbia, in the middle of the 19th century. The city has a lake in the middle, and Moody decided to call the lake Burnaby Lake.


  1. First years of incorporation of the city

It was incorporated in 1892 and was declared as a city in 1992. In the first 30 until 40 years of the incorporation, the industry of the city expanded quite well. The reason was the geographical position of the city; it is between New Westminster and Vancouver. A lot of urban centers appeared in the city and it became a rural agricultural area, the first one in the near area. The city was supplying the markets nearby and was a main corridor for transportation between the Fraser Valley, Vancouver and the Interior.


  1. Expanding of the city

Over the time the city shifted from rural to suburban. Later turned into urban. While Vancouver became a metropolis and expanded, it was one of the first cities that turned into urban communities. These changes took the initiatives of the policy direction, changing the future of the city, the economy, creating healthier community, engaging to the citizens, active participations of the citizens, taking care of the nature and the environment. The city became strong, sustainable and vibrant community, where the life was pretty good. Visiting Burnaby it would be a great opportunity for you to learn about the life in British Columbia, Canada.