Char-Griller Wrangler Grill (2123 model) Review

The Char-Griller Wrangler is a top outdoor grill that I really quite enjoy. It’s got some unique features, a reasonable price that provides substantial value, and a distinct style and design. One of the features that sets this grill apart from a lot of others, is that it can also act as a smoker. The hood is airtight and flanged, which is ideal for smoking. Despite its sort of charming appearance, of the grill itself is made from heavy gauge steel, which is powder-coated, and the grates on the rack are made from cast iron. The cast iron grates do wonders, as this is an effective material for locking in flavor and ensuring that heat is completely distributed in an even and equivalent way. In general, this is a durable build meant to ensure that your grill lives a long and effective life.

The simple, adjustable grate allows you to regulate the temperature, which gives you an extra element of control of your grilling process. There is also an ash pan which easy to isolate for emptying and cleaning.

The 2123 Wrangler is marketed as having 635 square inches of cooking space, which is a whole lotta grill– but this is a little misleading. 435 square inches exist within the grill itself, and 200 square inches of this “cooking space” is actually the warming rack. Don’t get me wrong, though, 435 square inches is still a large amount of space on the grill, and it’s nothing to scoff at. Plus, the side rack cooking space is stylishly implemented to add to the aesthetic of the whole. It’s a nice touch, for certain, but it is worth being aware that you won’t actually have 635 square inches of space on the grill– that difference of 200 square inches hypothetically contains more than a couple of burgers.

There is also a 1224 Wrangler with 580 sq/in of cooking space, and a 2137 model with 725 sq/in of grill space and 1060 sq/in of total cooking space. The entirety of the 2123 Wranger grill mechanism, though, weighs in at over 100 pounds, which is not exactly lightweight, but the wheels on the bottom enhance the ability to move the grill around.

In general, as far as charcoal grills go, I recommend the Wrangler by the Georgia-based company, Char-Grill. It’s a simple but effective, and the price is right; there is a lot of value to be capitalized on by purchasing this grill. If you’re into charcoal, and don’t prefer the added boost of gas power, this might just be the grill for you.