Birthday Celebrations from Around the World

Birthday Celebrations from Around the World

People around the world have always look for ways to celebrate a birthday. Here are some of the most fascinating traditions of celebrating a birthday. Some of them deserve you to Google birthday images. This is our count of birthday celebrations from around the world.


South America

An important characteristic of birthdays in many places in South America is the inclusion of the piñata. The tradition is still valid. Especially kids enjoy hitting a piñata of their favorite characters. Most birthday images in South America have a piñata.


Maturity comes at different ages for diverse cultures. There are rituals shown in birthday images when the age comes. Wales has a ritual of significance. It is the key to enter the home. The key is given at the age of 21. It represents permission to come and go as pleased.



In Nigeria, birthday celebrations are big only every five years. Only the 1st, 5th, 10th and 15th birthdays are an actual party. There are various birthday images of these celebrations.

Some of the most popular birthday dishes in Nigeria include roasted goat and jollof rice. There is also a popular game called pass the parcel. It is part of the birthday images of children parties. The mechanics are easy to follow. There is a package you have to throw randomly while the music plays. It is made out of layers of paper, and when the music stops, the person who holds the package must unwrap a layer. The person that takes off the last layer wins a price.



In Europe, birthday parties were thrown to get rid of evil spirits. At first the tradition was only for kings, but eventually, everybody had a celebration. It was in here where the candles and the cake were added to send away all evil spirits. The traditional gifts on birthday images are also meant to attract good vibes and reject evil.




In China, people celebrate their birth in the new year. One of the most interesting traditions is the birthday images of the second anniversary. There is a ritual in which the faith of the child is decided. He is surrounded by several objects. He must pick one, and depend on what it is, there is a different meaning. For example, picking a coin means he will be wealthy, and a doll means the kid will have many children later on.