Beacons and how to filter and funnel clients

Have you thought about how much easier processing clients, and giving them the relevant service will be when we get to the stage that BLE beacons are used more widely?


Less employees

These days, there’s a natural limit to how much you can help your customer. And it has to do with employees. The more, the merrier, unless you worry about costs and profit margins, of course. Although there is virtually no limit to how many people may enter your store, there is a limit to how many people can be working for you. With beacons, like iBeacon, this will never be an issue again.


More intelligence

Also, now there is a limit to the intelligence we can pull on the person entering your store. Essentially, we know absolutely nothing about that person. But this will change with beacons. So let’s imagine a person entering your establishment. Already at this early stage, the system is hooking up to the cloud and getting data about that person. And that client’s product preferences could be one, obvious possibility. Also, getting data about his or her previous buys, particularly with competitors, but also knowing if the person entering is an existing client. So even in just the first few seconds, we get to know so much more about this client.



Is it a client? Then he will get one type of funnel of messages. But, of course, with beacons, we will also need an updated terminology of marketing because the term “client” is very vague. Has the person bought one item from your store at one point in time? Was that long ago, or recently? Well, that is one type of client, and one type of beacon funnel. Is it an established client with several purchases spread out over some time? OK, that’s another funnel, right there. Is it a fresh prospect with a history of purchases from a competitor? Another funnel. You see? All these data will influence which messages and offers you deliver to this person, and when.


More information

Just like WiFi heat map software maps out the signal strength of an area, your store needs intelligent server-side software, like Eddystone, but way more advanced, of course, that can utilize the power of beacons and make your store step into the future of sales and customer relations, just like we want. Mapping out your prospect and client before he even enters your store.