A Simple Device

This Elektroroller is such a simple device. The engine is actually in the rear wheel, and it is so simple and clean that very few people ever have a shoe with it. When you order one of these devices, it actually comes in a very cool box. The box is not as large as you’d expect a scooter to be, but  unlike Ikea, the whole scooter comes in one piece. All you have to do is attach your plate and you’ll be ready to start zipping around the town. Everything comes in the one box, and it comes completely customized to how you order it. This means that you can choose all sorts of colors and you even choose which of the engine choices you want. When I did some research about UNU, I saw that they have gone through Great Lengths to make this inventive product very affordable. They seem to have taken a close look at the business models of every other company within the automotive industry, and turned it around and done the exact opposite. You see, the traditional process of this type of Industry, the building and selling of cars and Automobiles, and other such manufacturing, it all starts with the company. They Mass produce the same product as many times as possible, sell these to dealerships, who then sell them with a huge risk premium, and the traitor gets a large stock of the vehicle, which then comes to the customer. This is quite inefficient, in the eyes of UNU, and there are ways to save the consumer money.